Raw materials and end products

Our products are very popular and are exported from Europe, Russia and Ukraine to Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. Millions of people eat end products which contain our Baader and MDM. For the production of this MDM and Baader, we only use fresh raw materials from EU approved slaughterhouses.

Raw materials from turkey or chicken:
- Breast carcasses
- Necks
- Front backs
- Hind backs
- Breast skin
- Breastbone

End products:
- Turkey mdm 1 mm
- Turkey Baader 3 mm
- Chicken mdm 1 mm
- Red chicken Baader 3 mm
- White chicken Baader 3 mm
- Turkey residue
- Chicken residue

Our standard packaging is a 15 kgs polyblok, but we can also supply 10 or 12 kgs. At your request we can also package in boxes.

All products are fresh or frozen and can also be supplied halal.