Sheep casings

The sheep casings that we can offer are imported from the following, EU approved, countries: New-Zealand, Australia, Turkey en China.

The sheep casings are selected by specification exclusively for Hungaro Casing in HACCP accredited companies.

Sheep casings are used for the production of bratwurst, knackwurst, chipolatas, frankfurters en merguez.

The sheep casings are divided in three different types of quality: A-, AB- or BC-quality.

The available calibers are:
- Cal. 16/18 mm.
- Cal. 18/20 mm.
- Cal. 20/22 mm.
- Cal. 22/24 mm.
- Cal. 24/26 mm.
- Cal. 26/28 mm.

We offer our sheep casings in the following ways:
- Brined (easy-fill)
- Dry salted
- Netpack or bundles
- Tube
- Overlapping

The sheep casings are available in:
- Boxes
- Barrels
- Tubs