Pork casings

Our pork casings are processed under full supervision by Teeuwissen:
•  The cleaning of the pork casings takes place in our own gutrooms all over the world which have HACCP accreditation.
•  The selection of the pork casings takes place in our selection factories with EU-accreditation and which are in compliance with all HACCP and BRC regulations.

Pork casings of European origin are used for the production of different kinds of sausages, for example bratwurst, smoked sausage, dry sausage and fresh sausage.

The calibers that we offer are:

-Cal. 28/30 mm.
-Cal. 30/32 mm.
-Cal. 32/34 mm.
-Cal. 34/36 mm.
-Cal. 36/38 mm.
-Cal. 38/40 mm.
-Cal. 40/42 mm.
-Cal. 42/44 mm.
-Cal. 44/46 mm.
-Cal. 47/+ mm.

Next to our standard production (2 mtr/+, 16strands) we also produce hog casings with special specifications:
- Long ends = 6 mtr/+,  8 strands
- Extra long ends = 14mtr/+  6 strands

The hog casings are available in the following compositions:
- Salted
- Brined (easy-fill)
- Netpack
- Tube

The hog casings are packed in:
- Boxes
- Barrels
- Tubs