Beef casings

Beef casings are imported from BSE-free South-American countries. These companies are approved by the EU and also have HACCP accreditation. Beef casings,  beef bungs and beef rounds are produced exclusively for Teeuwissen and according to our specifications.

The name beef round is derived from the characteristic shape of the casing. These casings are particularly used for Sucuk, liversausage, bloodsausage.

The beef bungs that we can supply are available in the following calibers:
- Cal. 36/38
- Cal. 38/40
- Cal. 40/43
- Cal. 43/46
- Cal. 46/+
- Cal. 49/+

The bundles are available as follows:
- 18 Meters
- 30 Meters
- 50 Meters

The beef casings are available in the calibers 50/55, 55/60 and 60/65 mm. These casings are mostly used for cooked salami and cervelat and are available in bundles of 18 meters.

Next to the beef rounds and beef casings we also supply beef bungs, in the calibers 95/115mm - 115/+mm - 130/+ mm. This type of products is mainly used for cooked salami and veal sausages.

The above mentioned products are available in:
- Boxes
- Barrels
- Tubs