Artificial casings

Teeuwissen is the one-stop-supplier for the meat processing industry. Next to animal raw material and natural casings, Teeuwissen also supplies artificial casings through Hungaro Casing

Hungaro Casing offers a wide assortment of artificial casings. We can supply the requested casing for every application.

Assortment of artificial casings: 
- Fibrous casings
- Mono-layer casings
- Multi-layer casings
- Slice casings
- Collagen casings
- Smokable plastic casings
- Plastic / Fibrous casings with coating
- Cellulose casings

We can also supply cooking and roasting nets as well as shrink bags.

Assortment of shrink bags: 
- Bottom seal
- Side seal
- Bags with tape
- Cooking bags
- Printed bags

Besides the special products for the meat processing industry, we are also active in the fish and cheese processing industry.