Member of the Teeuwissen Group

Teeuwissen Group guarantees maximum economic yields from animal products. In the broadest sense: we add value wherever we can.

'Everything is valuable' is our motto in everything we do. As an innovating company, we want to help solve the global food problem and make the most of the available proteins. 


International network
Teeuwissen Group has subsidiaries across the globe that take care of the production process from beginning to end. Teeuwissen Group stands out amidst the competition, because of the ability to offer total solutions to the meat industry. To the sausage industry, for example: meat, mechanically deboned meat (MDM), organs, mixtures and by-products, herbs and functional ingredients, natural and artificial casings, foil and other products. 


Mergers and takeovers across the globe have sparked relatively rapid growth, broadened our product range, and diversified our customer base. We can rely on extensive specialist expertise and a broad geographic spread. With over 80 business units worldwide and over 200 production sites, Teeuwissen Group is a true global player. By joining forces and specialities, Teeuwissen Group is your one-stop supplier.

Watch the video below for more information about our one-stop shop philosophy.


Teeuwissen would like to take on a prominent role as your regular supplier and customer. We do business by a strict and clear policy.

Our primary spearheads are:

•  Going by a total concept: all parts of all animals for all segments on all continents
•  Doing business close to the source
•  Continuous growth and development
•  Any time and anywhere availability
•  Traceability and monitoring
•  Complying with the highest quality standards