Our intention and approach

Hungaro Casing supplies great quantities of high-quality natural casings. We are able to continuously offer a wide range of  our self-produced natural casings, which have been selected and calibrated in our own selection facilities.  We are characterized by the words: specialist, personal, flexible, high service and decisiveness. Next to the natural casings we offer a broad range of artificial casings, from polyamide and cellulose casings to fibrous casings.

An absolute strength of the company is that we can produce custom-made products for our buyers.

Hungaro Casing guarantees a good product with a good price/quality ratio. As a part of the Teeuwissen Group and because of the big international network that was built in the last 12 years, Hungaro Casing is a strong player in the field of casings as atrading company in which service is a key element.

Apart from natural casings, Hungaro Casing has been a supplier of artificial casings, shrink bags and foil for years. These are available in every color, size and printing.